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Monthly Archives: August 2009

I don’t even know why I’m bothering trying to go to uni. The fates are clearly against me. I needed a letter from a guy in Paisley saying I left in December, so that I could forward it to SAAS. I got the letter but it didn’t say that I left in December. I then told him I needed him to put that I left in December. He said and I quote “that’s between you and student records”. THEN WHY DID STUDENT RECORDS TELL ME TO TALK TO YOU, YOU ARROGANT, POSH, ARSEHOLE!?!?! So, I get the feeling that I’m not gonna get my appeal and I’m not gonna get the money I need, and then I will probably be crushed crossing the road by a rhino that’s escaped from the zoo.

Ach ill finish this later. Need to go.

I’m finally back to finish this after….a while. A bit has happened since I wrote that bit above. I went to see Bill Bailey with Meg, Vicky and Carlos. He was outstanding. For some reason it was still part of the Tinselworm tour, so I had heard parts of it before, but that didn’t detract from how amazing it was.

Last Friday I was at Rufus and the catty, although cause I’d spent all day with Dave being over tired, by like 7pm I was shattered. Was still a good night though. On Saturday I was supposed to be going to Mikey’s girlfriends birthday at ABC, but due to lack of funds I went to Dave’s instead. Was AWESOME XD!!!

This week I have Donnie and Emma’s birthday, and payday which I can’t wait for.

Also, I phoned Paisley. Student Records couldn’t  understand why he wouldn’t give me a letter either, but either way they’re gonna send me one out :). Hopefully SAAS will stop being gay and I can look forward to uni again.

Til next time.

  1. Do not shotgun an Irn-Bru WKD
  2. Especially after eating a curry

The result can only be described as explosive vomiting.

Anyway, I had a weird dream last night. It was just me sitting on a bridge contemplating jumping. Nothing more than that. And this went on for ages. As I said, weird.

Apart from that the only moderately interesting thing that’s happened to me is that I went to a leaving dinner and drinks for a friend i’m not gonna see for 10 months. It was good but while I was there, I realised that I don’t think I can trust one of my close friends the same way I used to, which sucks but if they aren’t gonna be trustworthy and at times even civil then this is the obvious course of action. I’m hoping that eventually they’ll realise the way they’re acting and sort their head out but that remains to be seen.

I’m so annoyed that I have no money atm. There are so many good games coming out. I suppose I’ll just have to rob a bank or something.

Anyway, I want my first comment (make it nice) so come one, come all.

I’ve decided to properly start a blog. Some of you may know that I tried and failed at this goal some time ago, but it’s time for round 2.

I recently got accepted to Cali Uni to do a course in computer games design. This wonderful piece of news was then shattered when I was told I wouldn’t be receiving a bursary and would have to pay £1285 of tuition fees. But, we hold our heads high and move on…and if that fails we appeal. So, once Emma gets back to me I’ll have this email sent away and hopefully lots of money will be paid by SAAS to Cali.

Apart from that, I’ve recently been thinking of a screenplay for a spoof silent movie I worked on a few years ago. It’s been sitting in the back of my mind for the past few days, and I’m thinking of going back to it. I think this thought was created because I recently watched An Evening with Kevin Smith, who in my mind is a comic genius (as well as fat an lazy). So, I may sit down one day and start writing that, hopefully one day soon.

That’s pretty much all I have for the moment. Feel free to comment and leave feedback, and if you don’t see me post soon, yell at me til I do.