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I don’t even know why I’m bothering trying to go to uni. The fates are clearly against me. I needed a letter from a guy in Paisley saying I left in December, so that I could forward it to SAAS. I got the letter but it didn’t say that I left in December. I then told him I needed him to put that I left in December. He said and I quote “that’s between you and student records”. THEN WHY DID STUDENT RECORDS TELL ME TO TALK TO YOU, YOU ARROGANT, POSH, ARSEHOLE!?!?! So, I get the feeling that I’m not gonna get my appeal and I’m not gonna get the money I need, and then I will probably be crushed crossing the road by a rhino that’s escaped from the zoo.

Ach ill finish this later. Need to go.

I’m finally back to finish this after….a while. A bit has happened since I wrote that bit above. I went to see Bill Bailey with Meg, Vicky and Carlos. He was outstanding. For some reason it was still part of the Tinselworm tour, so I had heard parts of it before, but that didn’t detract from how amazing it was.

Last Friday I was at Rufus and the catty, although cause I’d spent all day with Dave being over tired, by like 7pm I was shattered. Was still a good night though. On Saturday I was supposed to be going to Mikey’s girlfriends birthday at ABC, but due to lack of funds I went to Dave’s instead. Was AWESOME XD!!!

This week I have Donnie and Emma’s birthday, and payday which I can’t wait for.

Also, I phoned Paisley. Student Records couldn’t  understand why he wouldn’t give me a letter either, but either way they’re gonna send me one out :). Hopefully SAAS will stop being gay and I can look forward to uni again.

Til next time.


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