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That is if I can find the cable to connect the phone to the laptop.

*goes hunting*

There we go found it.

So, was out at Rev last night, and needless to say many drinks were consumed. Then, I heard the 2nd most stupid words I’ve heard in a long time: “You wanna do squishy frog?”. The answer to which was the most stupid words I’ve heard in a long time: “Ok”. The result of which was a night so fraught with emotions…erm…well it was just fraught with emotions. Also, this happened:Arm


I slipped and completely fucked my arm, only aesthetically though, it still works fine. But, apart from that I had a good night.

Looking back before that not much has happened to me lately. Still not sorted out SAAS or Paisley, but only because they are both incompetent morons. Although I am looking forward to starting uni. Induction on Monday, followed by Fresher’s Fare/Week. The only thing of note is that I went to see The Hurt Locker last week. Mark, Tiberius and I were hoping to go see District 9 but was sold out, so we went to see that instead. It ended up being an absolutely incredible movie. If you have a spare few hours it’s worth watching.

Also, I bought a ticket to An Evening with Kevin Smith today. I really can’t wait. Mark, Jew Dave, Tiberius and I are going next month to see him. Should be an awesome night. Speaking of awesome nights I have two lined up this week. On Friday, I’m going to Dave’s house party which will no doubt be filled with the usual hilarious antics. And then on Saturday I will be going to my work night out with the critically acclaimed DJ Buffet.

I’ve been playing through Batman: Arkham Asylum and it is hands down one of the best games I’ve ever played. Absolutely amazing story and gameplay which keeps going til the end. Completed it the other night and am now onto the challenges. In fact i’m in the top 1000 in one of them. Sadly the biggest achievement of my life so far.


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