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Had my first week at uni. Well, I say my first week, I’ve not had any classes yet, only introductions. They went well. They were boring as hell but fine. The upsides of them are, made friends, goodtimetable and I won a £10 voucher for HMV. So really nothing exciting happened. I’m so annoyed. Have an amazing timetable the first 6 weeks; Tuesdays and Thursdays off and with ODST out on Tuesday this worked perfectly. But, because of the September Weekend, my first week timetable is slightly differently, causing me to need to work on Tuesday.

In bigger news (in a sense) found out my Dad is getting married. And the only thing I can say to his fiancee is: “Good luck”.

Been kinda ill the past few days, but tonight I’ve just been in a foul mood. I think I need to get out or something. Been feeling kinda isolated which I don’t think has helped it. Also, I wanna get some weed but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, I really need to make these posts longer (and interesting) so i’ll try and rob a bank before next time. In the mean time I shall leave you with this grammatically correct sentence: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.


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